David Richter


David H. Richter is professor of English at Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center; he has taught here since 1970.  He is the author of Fable’s End and The Progress of Romance, and editor of Ideology and Form in Eighteenth-Century Literature, The Critical Tradition, and Falling into Theory.  He teaches courses on Film and Literature in the English Department, most recently “Jane [Austen] and Henry [James] in Hollywood.”

His publications on film include “Your Cheatin’ Art: Double Dealing in Cinematic Narrative,” and “Keeping Company in Hollywood: Toward an Ethics of the Non-fiction Film,” both in the journal Narrative. His recent presentations include “Late Reconfiguration: or, Who Is Keyser Söze—and Who Cares?”;  “Postmodern Pastiche: Jane Austen in Manhattan and A Cock and Bull Story”; and “Visual Allegoresis and Social Tensions in Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice (2005).”

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