Juan Monroy


Juan Monroy has taught courses on introductory film, film history, media theory, broadcasting history, and the economics of the television industry at Queens College, New York University, Fordham University Lincoln Center, the New School, and Marymount Manhattan College.

His research interests include television history, political economy of television, and media and globalization. His dissertation is a study of how the United States employed television to promote economic development as an anti-communist project in Latin America during the 1960s, following the Cuban Revolution. The recipient of research fellowships from the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Center of Media and Culture at NYU, and the University of Georgia’s Peabody Awards Lamdin Kay Visiting Research Fellowship.

Prof. Monroy earned his bachelors degree in Film Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and his masters degree in Cinema Studies at NYU. He is currently working on his doctorate at NYU, also in Cinema Studies.

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