I want to direct/produce/edit films. Does the Film Studies program offer production courses?

The Film Studies program offers a very limited number of production courses (namely MEDST 244: 16mm Film Production, and MEDST 200: Principles of Sound and Image). Our focus is primarily on film history and theory, although the Media Studies Department offers a much wider range of studio, field, and multimedia production coursework.  All of our faculty, however, are committed to bridging the gap between theory and practice.  The best filmmakers need a strong background in film history, and the best film scholars need to understand the processes by which films are made.  We often suggest that students interested in careers in film/media production consider combining a Media Studies major with a Film Studies major or minor. This combined program will provide a comprehensive approach to the art of film and videomaking.

What is the difference between the Film and Media Studies majors?

The Film Studies Program is interdisciplinary (courses are cross-listed across many departments), focusing exclusively on cinema as an art form.  The Media Studies Department offers a large number of film courses, but looks at a broader range of media formats, including television, radio, advertising and marketing, the Internet, and new digital platforms.

What kinds of careers does a film studies degree prepare me for?

Coursework in film studies will provide skills in critical thinking and expression that extend beyond the world of cinema.  Our students have found work in film and television production, archiving and library science, law, education, and media marketing. Students have also pursued graduate degrees in film scholarship and film production.

How do I apply to the Film Studies Program? Should I send a reel, or a writing sample?

Admissions to Queens College is handled through a central office (http://www.qc.cuny.edu/admissions/).  Once you are admitted as a student, you can declare a major or minor in Film Studies– previous experience is welcome, but not necessary.  Information for international and transfer students is available through the Admissions Office.

Does Queens College have a Graduate Program in Film?

No, there is currently no graduate coursework in film at Queens. But many of our faculty teach at The Graduate Center at CUNY. Information about the Film Studies Certificate Program at the Graduate Center can be found here.

The CUNY Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program, offered through The Graduate Center, is a unique, interdisciplinary thirty-credit degree program that allows students to design and pursue an individual course of study, and to take courses in the Ph.D. programs. The eleven areas of specialization include Film Studies.

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