Spring 2014


Core courses for the major/minor are indicated by (*). Please see our degree requirements page for complete details.

CMLIT 241/MES 240: Images of the Middle East
Tuesday – Thursday 1.40pm – 2.55pm
Andrea Khalil

ENGL  391W Senior Seminar: Shakespeare on Film (37661)
Monday – Wednesday 10.45 am – noon
Klapper 708
Richard Mccoy

FREN 250-01  French Cinema  42703
Thursday 1:40 pm – 5:30 pm
King Hall 208
Royal Brown

GERM  250W – German Cinema   54040
Tuesday 1:40 pm – 5:30 pm
King Hall 208
Elena Mancini

* MEDST  144: History of the Cinema II: 1930-1970
Monday 1.40pm -5.30pm
Kiely 264
Noah Tsika

* MEDST  200: Principles of Sound and Image
Monday and Wednesday 10:05 am-11.55am
Kiely Hall 264
Jonathan Buchsbaum & Leslie McCleave

* MEDST  240: Styles of Cinema
Tu 9.10 am-12.00pm
QH         270F
Julian Cornell

MEDST 244: 16mm Film Production
Thurs 9.10am- 1pm
King Hall 105
Zoe Beloff

MEDST  265: Producing Independent Movies
Wednesday 1:40-4:30pm
Kiely 315
Elizabeth Foley

MEDST  245: Screenwriting
Wednesday 6:30-9:20PM
King Hall 105
Richard Vetere

*MEDST  341W: Theory of Film
Thursday 9.10am – noon
Kiely 315
Anu Kapse

MEDST  342W1:   Special Topics in Genre: Children’s Film
Wednesday 9:10am – noon
QH 270
Julian Cornell

MEDST  342W1:   Special Topics in Genre: Early Film Genres
Thursday 1.40pm – 5.30pm
Kiely 315
Anu Kapse

MEDST 246: The Art of Adaptation
Wednesday 1:40-4:30PM
Leslie McCleave

SPAN 47:  Hispanic Film in English Translation
Mon-Wed 1.40-2.55
Álvaro Fernández

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