Spring 2017


Core courses for the major/minor are indicated by (*). Please see our degree requirements page for complete details.

* MEDST  144: History of Cinema II: 1930 – 1970
Monday  1:40-5:30 PM
Kiely 264
Noah Tsika

MEDST 146: History of Cinema III: 1930 – 1970
Thursday 9.10-12.05PM
Kiely 264

* MEDST 200: Principles of Sound and Image
Monday and Wednesday 10:05-11.55am
Kiely Hall 264
Julian Cornell

* MEDST 240: Styles of Cinema
Tuesday  1.40-5.30PM
Kiely 315
Sylvie Vitaglione

MEDST 243: Digital Video Production Field
Thursday 9.10-1PM
King 105
Andrea de Felice

MEDST 245: Screenwriting
Wedesday 6:30-9:20PM
King 105
Richard Vetere

*MEDST 341W: Theory of Film
Thursday 1:40-4:30pm
Kiely Hall 315

PSYCH 281 Psychology in the Movies
Thursdays 12pm – 250pm
(Prerequisite: PSYCH 101)

Hist 392W (02) 11418 – Slavery and Hollywood
Tuesdays, 3:10-5:50
PH 231
Deirdre Cooper Owens
NOTE: The course is normally open only to History majors.  Students should contact Alex Vickery, the History Dept administrator, to enroll them manually and override the CF veto.  His email is alex.vickery@qc.cuny.edu, or, the History Dept extension is 7-5350.

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