Spring 2021


Core courses for the major/minor are indicated by (*); other courses listed can be used to satisfy electives requirements. Variable Topic (VT) courses may be taken twice for credit, provided the class content is different each time.

Please see our degree requirements page for complete details.

Courses Within The Media Studies Department:

* MEDST  146: History of Cinema III: 1970 – Present
On-Line (Asynchronous)
Amy Herzog

* MEDST 200: Principles of Sound and Image
On-Line (Asynchronous)
Julian Cornell

* MEDST 240: Styles of Cinema
On-Line (Asynchronous)
Alexander Davis

MEDST 243: Introduction to Filmmaking
On-Line (Asynchronous)
Madeline Hunt-Ehrlich

Thursday 9:10 am – 11:00 am, On-Line (Synchronous)
Zoe Beloff

MEDST 245:  Screenwriting
Wednesday  6.30 – 9.20 pm, On-Line (Synchronous)
Richard Vetere

MEDST 281-01:   Intermediate Studies in Media (VT): Introduction to Editing 
Tuesday 1:40 – 4:30, On-Line (Synchronous)
Andrea DeFelice

MEDST 281-02:   Intermediate Studies in Media (VT): Script Analysis
On-Line (Asynchronous)
Leslie McCleave

Whether you are a writer, a director, or a producer, an understanding of story structure and dramatic principles is essential. In-depth analysis of a screenplay’s storyline, characters, dialogue, images, and theme reveals a wide range of narrative techniques and storytelling styles, from Hollywood to independent and everything in between. Students read screenplays and view selected films on-line and analyze the scripts, learning how essential information is conveyed, how story elements are communicated through visual means, how dramatic momentum is built with cause and effect, and what makes a character credible and complex. Students end the term with the ability to analyze film scripts of varying styles and lengths and apply that knowledge to their own screenwriting.

MEDST 281-03:   Intermediate Studies in Media (VT): Writing the Short Screenplay
On-Line (Asynchronous)
Leslie McCleave

The short film is an art form of its own, often dominating film and video festivals.
This workshop is devoted solely to crafting short screenplays which could be produced in an advanced production course or independently. Students are introduced to the techniques of screenwriting with an emphasis on dramatic structure, visual language and character development. Then we focus on craft issues unique to short screenplay writing — what types of stories, characters, premises, resolutions, are best suited to short films? Students complete a short narrative screenplay as well as various exercises designed to enhance understanding of the craft of screenwriting. We will also examine the practical production challenges involved with bringing a short script to the screen.​

MEDST 317: Advanced Post-Production
Thursday 1:40 – 4:30 pm, On-Line (Synchronous)
Andrea DeFelice

MEDST 342W:  Film Genres (VT): Children’s Films
On-Line (Asynchronous)
Julian Cornell

MEDST 342:  Film Genres (VT): Comedy
On-Line (Asynchronous)
Sara Hinojos

MEDST  343W: Non-Fiction Forms
Tuesday 4:00 pm – 5 pm On-Line (Hybrid)
J.V. Fuqua

Courses In Other Departments:

Comparative Literature

CMLIT 241: Jean-Luc Godard and the Algerian War of Independence in Cinema. 
Tuesday & Thursday 10:45 am – 12:00 pm On-Line (Synchronous)
Andrea Khalil

Middle Eastern Studies

MES 240: Images of the Middle East:1001 Nights in World Literature and Film
Monday & Wednesday 10:45 am – 12:00 pm On-Line (Synchronous)
Rebecca Taleghani

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