Summer 2021

Summer  2021  

Film Studies Course Schedule

Core courses for the major/minor are indicated by (*); other courses listed can be used to satisfy electives requirements. Variable Topic (VT) courses may be taken twice for credit, provided the class content is different each time.

Please see our degree requirements page for complete details.

Summer 1 Short: Monday, June 7th – Wednesday June 30th

Courses Within The Media Studies Department:

MEDST 344: National Cinemas (VT): Scandinavian Film
(On-Line, Asynchronous)
Julian Cornell

Summer 1 Long: Monday, June 7th – Monday, August 16th

MEDST 341W: Film Theory
(On-Line, Asynchronous)
Noah Tsika

Summer 2 Short: Monday, July 6th – Tuesday July 29th

MEDST 281:  Intermediate Studies in Media (VT): Introduction To Digital Editing
(On-Line, Synchronous)
Andrea DeFelice

Summer 2 Long: Monday, July 6th – Monday, August 16th

MEDST 144:  History of Cinema II (1930-1970)
(On-Line, Asynchronous)

MEDST 342W: Film Genres (VT): Superhero Cinema
(On-Line, Asynchronous)
Julian Cornell

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